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Thursday, January 17, 2019 10 Jumad Al-Awal 1440

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Aims and objectives / Membership

Aims and Object

The Indian Union Muslim League shall strive to preserve and promote with due distinction and honour the religious and cultural identities of the Muslims and other minorities and backward communities of India enriching national life and strengthening its secular and democratic foundations and shall, in particular, strive;
  1. To uphold, defend and maintain and assist in upholding, defending and maintaining the independence, freedom, unity, integrity, honour of the State of the Indian Union and to work for, and contribute to strengthen the prosperity and happiness of the people of India.
  2. To bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India as by law established and to the principles of socialism, secularism and democracy and to uphold the Sovereignty, Unity and Integrity of India.
  3. To secure, protect and maintain the religious, cultural, educational, linguistic, economic, political, administrative and other legitimate rights and interests of Muslims and other minorities including scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other backward and weaker sections of the society in India; and
  4. To promote mutual understanding, goodwill, amity, cordiality, harmony and unity between Muslims and other communities of the Indian Union


    Any person who is a Citizen of the Indian Union and who is not less than eighteen years of age and who subscibes to the aims and objectives of the Indian Union Muslim League and agrees to abide by the Constitution, the Rules and Regulations and the discipline of the Indian Union Muslim League shall be eligible to become a member of Indian Union Muslim League.


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